Monica’s class was exceptionally useful in helping me to practice self-care and to be emotionally present in my daily life. Her course gave me tools that I continue to practice day to day, enabling me to be aware of my own level of stress and to detach myself from stressful thoughts when they are not productive. Monica is an excellent teacher and her help was personal and incredibly valuable.  ~Sol, Alameda, CA

Monica has been a great life coach in my job/career searching. I came to her half started and poorly directed, and, ultimately lost. She was able to pick up the pieces of my previous tool sets and guide me to the path I am now on – happily employed in my dream job! What I appreciated the most about her was her positive attitude and professional humor, which inspired me to strive for a goal higher than I had been setting my sights on. She gave me, not only practical advice on searching the job market, but also literal and direct links to jobs that she knew would appeal to me. This direct support was invaluable. Additionally, she was able to understand my need to find a new career path. Monica’s positive affirmation style made my confidence soar. Without her confidence-building words, I wouldn’t be where I am today. ~Nathan, Sonoma County

Dr. Nolasco’s guiding hand helped me focus on the necessary steps to get my life on track i n a job I love.  As a coach and mentor, Dr. Nolasco is someone who truly cares and takes your interests as her own. ~John, Alamo, CA

Dr. Monica Nolasco has been my friend, colleague and mentor. I go to Monica when I want solid advice about my next career objective or career move. She is excellent at vetting ideas, and I get great feedback when I go to her as a sounding board. Monica is able to condense my big unanswerable questions and “what ifs” into digestible feedback that gets to the essence of what really matters to me. Even when I don’t know what I want, Monica reframes my questions so that I understand myself more clearly. She’s a master counselor, and I highly recommend her.  ~Andrea, Burlingame, CA

Being in the presence of Dr. Nolasco immediately soothes me.  She carries a warm, centered and inviting aura that has been able to alleviate my stress and anxiety with each session.  The guidance she’s provided has led me on a journey of awareness, self-care and mindfulness.  The tools and understandings have improved my life in all aspects.  I am so grateful and cannot thank her enough. ~Marina, San Jose, CA

I am grateful to Dr. Nolasco for her coaching and mentoring. Working with her as my coach and mentor has been beneficial for me and my colleagues, as well as for me in my personal life. Soon after a couple of coaching sessions, I was offered a full time job with full benefits. Since working full time I have grown professionally and have been in leadership roles representing my peers. I highly recommend Dr. Nolasco to anyone who wants to grow professionally and personally. ~Leticia,  San Pablo, CA